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Help the Holistic Health Community Acquire the Back Home Farm!

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To Our Beloved Community,

We are so excited to share our very exciting news! The Holistic Health Community is in the process of acquiring the Back Home Farm in High Falls, NY! It has been a dream of ours for 12 years to find a permanent home.

This extraordinary property encompasses 15 acres of fertile, rich farmland, much of it along the banks of the Rondout Creek. It has beautiful outbuildings, including a barn and a completely renovated 4-bedroom house. It's just what we've been looking for.

Here on the farm, we can offer educational opportunities showcasing regenerative, organic farming techniques that bridge the connection between nutrient dense food grown in vital, living soil to vibrant good health and well being. This becomes one of the cornerstones of our mission and vision of providing a comprehensive approach to holistic health and well-being from Soil to Soul.

Ours is a template for the future, calling for a shift in the way we think about and take care of our health, and moving away from reactive healthcare to proactive well-being. Deeply rooted in community, our vision is about a paradigm shift in how we approach health, emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive and sustainable model that considers all aspects of our well-being and the health of our planet.

Our vision is a blueprint for a dynamic new future for healthcare and well being. As we take this next, bold step, we are calling upon our friends to help us manifest our vision. We know that when people come together in community they can achieve something great. With your help, your skills, your ideas and energy, we can make this vision a reality.